Collage of pictures from Luleå Art School

Luleå Art School (Kulturskolan)

Luleå Art School (Kulturskolan) provides education and cultural experiences for students in Luleå, from grade school (förskola) up to high school (gymnasiet).

Here are some quick facts:

  • We offer courses in various instruments, composition, art, dance, media and drama. These courses take place during the day at local schools and in the evening at the Children's Culture House Björkgatan 2A Luleå.
  • We act as a resource center for Luleå's schools in art & culture competences and collaborate with school staff to work on various projects of different durations.
  • We provide competence development opportunities for school staff in Luleå.
  • We arrange cultural events for Luleå's students and coordinate Creative School projects.
  • All of our activities are free of charge!

Luleå Municipality is dedicated to investing in Children's Culture!


To see our courses you can click on the link here and choose your school or the courses in the dark blue square that shows the available courses at our school at Björkgatan 2.

Our application form is only in Swedish, so if you have any questions or need help with the application, please contact us at or +46722462835.

This page was last updated 23 April 2024