Choosing a school (English)

Choosing a school

Hello custodial parent!

Were you aware that through the free choice of school, you as a custodial parent are entitled to wish for which school your child should attend? Now is the time to apply to municipal primary schools for the autumn start. The application period is January 15 to January 31, 2024.

School choice - who can choose?

  • Children to custodial parents who will start preschool in the fall and want a school other than their assigned school. You need not apply if you want your child to start at their assigned school.
  • Children to custodial parents who will start grade 7 in the fall and wish to change schools. You need not apply if you want your child to accompany their class to the next school.

Assigned school

Luleå municipality is divided into areas, with a school belonging to each area. The child's registered address is the determinant factor to which school the child will be assigned to. You can find all information when choosing a school, optional specializations, applying for leisure-time centre, and the child's assigned school, as well as what happens with your child's preschool placement at External link.


The application process is open from January 15 to January 31. You apply with your e-identification at External link.

If you have applied to an independent school and have accepted placement, you must notify the customer center at Luleå municipality.

Custodial parents who are not in possession of an e-identification or have protected personal information should contact the customer center.

In case of questions

Contact Luleå municipality's customer center
Phone: 0920 - 45 30 00
Visiting address: Luleå kommuns servicecenter,
Timmermansgatan 25

This page was last updated 18 December 2023