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Luleå International School (In English)

Luleå International School is a new school that is planned to open in Luleå in August 2024. The school will start with students in grades 4-9, who want to take part of an international education in English. The Swedish curriculum will be followed and the school will be imbued with an international feeling.

The location of the school will be in the center of Luleå in a rich international educational environment close to communication and culture. Luleå International School will be a good choice for Luleå citizens who want to give their children a broad and exciting schooling, as well as for families from other countries who want to move to Luleå. We welcome you all in a safe and good school.

Growing global citizens

  • An ambitious and structured study environment where every student can reach their full potential. Homework and personal responsibility are natural parts of the education.
  • The world is our arena and English is our language. Theoretic subjects ate taught in English, and we offer creative international collaborations.
  • Our commitment goes beyond the classroom - we provide a social community where teachers, students and families are included.

About the school

The school will offer a high quality education. Theoretical subjects such as english, social science, history, religion, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, technology and mathematics, will be taught in English.

Our teachers are bilingual and speak both Swedish and English.

We will strive to create an ambitious and structured study environment where every student can develop their knowledge and skills.

Our lessons will be well prepared with a clear structure and the students will practice their ability to make conscious choices and take responsibility for their own learning. Homework will be a natural part of the education. We look upon the world as our arena, where English is our language and we will offer exciting and creative international collaborations that enrich our teaching. We care about more than just academic results – we will make a social community where teachers, students and families are welcome and included.

Register interest

If you are interested in this school, please send an email to


Luleå International School
Residensgatan 28C
972 39 Luleå

Cecilia Munter Brandén
0920-45 30 00

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