Om förskolan i Luleå (engelska)

In Luleå municipality, there are 51 municipal preschools and 9 independent preschools which are located all over the municipality. At preschool, preschool teachers and childcare workers work to promote children's learning on the basis of the goals and guidelines set out in the preschool curriculum and in the Swedish Education Act. Preschool is the first step in Sweden’s education system.

The purpose of preschool activities is to lay the foundations for lifelong learning. Activities are safe, fun and instructive. Learning is based on both interaction between adults and children and on children learning from each other. Activities are characterised by a focus on the well-being and development of the individual child.

Who can apply for a place in preschool?

Parents/guardians who have a child who has reached the age of 3 years are entitled to apply for a 15 hour per week placement, known as general preschool placement. The times and days of the 15 hours are determined by the preschool in question. General preschool follows the school's annual calendar and does not apply during holidays and study days.

In some cases, a child may have the right to a place at preschool if the child has special needs because of their family situation or if the child needs special developmental support​from preschool for physical, mental or other reasons. An application is required and an individual assessment will be made by the municipality in each case.

Parents/guardians who are working or studying the equivalent of higher studies have the right to apply for a preschool place for the hours they are at work/school and for travel time.

How do I apply for preschool?

Apply using the form “Application for a place in municipal preschool”. If you need help with your application, contact Mötesplatsen at Smedjegatan 17A. If you and your child would like to spend time with other parents during the day, you are welcome to come to Mötesplatsen, a meeting place for children and parents. More information is available here: Mötesplatsen - a meeting place for children and parents - Luleå municipality ( External link.

Children attending preschool are not entitled to school transport.

After you have applied for a place

After you have applied for a place, you will get a letter with an offer of a place. Before you respond to the offer, read the regulations for a place in preschool: Rules for a placement at preschool - Luleå municipality ( External link.

Special diet

If your child has special dietary needs, you should apply for special diet after you have been offered a placement at preschool and have accepted the place.
Information and application for special diet at preschool and school External link.

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