Äldresupporten (engelska/english)

- For people over 65

You can contact Elderly Support if you are older and want advice and support on how to live a healthier life. You can also get help with using digital services and everyday technology. Elderly Support offers early health promotion activities for people aged 65 and older. We organise both individual and group activities to suit your needs and wishes. We can offer health-promoting home visits, support and guidance in the use of digital technology. We also provide suggestions and tips on how to get started with meaningful and health-promoting activities, as well as information and participation in social group meetings.

The aim is to promote healthy ageing and an active and meaningful everyday life, so that you can feel involved and safe.

Contact us:

Contact Luleå Municipality’s Customer Service Centre: 0920-45 30 00

E-mail: aldresupporten@lulea.se

E-service: lulea.se/aldresupporten

This page was last updated 14 February 2023