Unikum – New learning platform in the municipality of Luleå (Engelska)

As of 18 August 2021, the municipality of Luleå has a new learning platform, Unikum. It is used for both pre-schools and schools. Unikum supports these schools’ communication with parents/guardians. It gives you, as parents/guardians, a clear way of monitoring your children’s progress.

Via Unikum, parents/guardians can:

  • Receive information from teachers.
  • Monitor children’s learning in the learning logbook (pre-schools).
  • See children’s reports (schools).

Getting started

There are two ways for parents/guardians to use Unikum. These are via: a web browser on a computer/tablet/ mobile phone; or, the Unikum Familj (Unikum Family) app. We recommend using the app.

Would you like to download the app? Go to Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and search “Unikum Familj”.

How do parents/guardians log in?

In the app, parents/guardians log in with a bank ID. If you are not

using the app, you log in via the login page, Unikum

Unikum App Login Select External link.

On the login page, choose Luleå kommun (Municipality of Luleå) Vårdnadshavare (Parent/guardian).

Unikum in different languages

Currently, Unikum Familj is available in Swedish and English.
You can choose to have text translated via Google Translate. This function is not available in the app, but you can: choose to use Unikum’s web version on your mobile; or, log in via a computer.

Watch the getting started video!

Unikum Familj for pre-schools: https://youtu.be/-0_o5CXv6LI External link..
(NOTE! Swedish only.)

Unikum Familj for schools: https://youtu.be/CNMNJcgM1nY External link..
(This video’s subtitles can be translated to other languages.)

This page was last updated 17 May 2022