Personligt ombud (engelska/english)

- If you have a mental disability and need advice and support

We help adults with long-term mental disabilities who find it difficult to cope with everyday life. If you have a mental disability, it can be difficult to find out what social support is available to you. We work together with you to increase your participation and independence. At the first meeting, we go through your wishes and needs. Once you have received a decision approving continued contact with us, we sit down together in an environment that feels safe for you and formulate the goals you want to achieve. For example, perhaps you need help with finding an occupation, getting a care contact, or support and intervention efforts provided by social services. The help we can provide you is time-limited.

We have a duty of confidentiality and do not keep client records. It is voluntary to contact us. The Personal Representative Service is independent from any authority or care provider and does not replace the help that they provide.

Contact us:

Contact Luleå Municipality’s Customer Service Centre: 0920-45 30 00


This page was last updated 15 February 2023