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Education in Swedish for Immigrants

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) is a basic education in the Swedish language. It is suited to adults who do not have Swedish as their main language. As an immigrant to Sweden you have the right to education of Swedish language and culture. 

  • SFI – Swedish for Immigrants - is for those who lack basic knowledge in Swedish.
  • In order to study SFI, you must be registered in Luleå kommun and you must have a personal number.
  • Courses start every fourth week.

How do I apply?

Study financing

Courses in SFI are free of charge. Text books are provided, stationary is not. SFI is not elegiable for CSN (the Swedish board of student finance).


SFI is an introduction to the Swedish language and a basic understanding of Swedish culture. Courses are divided into 4 levels (A-D).

The end result of the courses are to give you enough knowledge that you are able to communicate in everyday life and at work. Assessment tests are conducted throughout courses B, C and D Syllabus for SFI can be read in English and a variety of other languages by following this link.

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