Timetable 2024 for the tour boats in Luleå archipelago

The tour boat season in the Luleå archipelago starts in the beginning of June and ends in the middle of September.



Price per person



SEK 85

Children 6-16 years

SEK 40

Children under 6 years


Other islands

Adult, one way

SEK 165

Adult, round-trip

SEK 330

Children 6-16 years, one way

SEK 80

Children 6-16 years, round-trip

SEK 160

Children under 6 years


Family, one way (2 adults, 1-2 children (6-16 years))

SEK 330

Family, round-trip (2 adults, 1-2 children (6-16 years))

SEK 660

Season ticket, (personal)*

SEK 1660

* The season ticket can be purchased at Luleå Tourist Center in Kulturens hus. It is personal and identification during use is mandatory. The ticket is only valid on Laponias tour boats during the day. You can travel an unlimited number of times during the season.

Tour map

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