Fee for cross country skiing at Ormberget

During winter we prepare the cross country skiing tracks at Ormberget nearly every day from early morning. To be able to continue with that we ask you to pay a fee. Here you'll find more information about the payment and why we have a fee.


The fee for our cross country skiing tracks at Ormberget starts to apply when the artificial snow tracks open. Usually in November or December.


You can pay with your phone on site or via a computer in beforehand. If you want to pay with credit card, please come to Turistcenter in Kulturens hus. If you're under the age of 20 you can ski for free.

Free tracks

In Luleå we also have several tracks that are free of charge. For example at Bergnäset, Råneå and Mattisberget in Gammelstad.


If you want to know more about the fee at Ormberget, how to pay or why we have a fee, please scroll down to find your answers.

What is the cost winter season 2023/2024?

- To be skiing cross country at Ormberget you have to pay a fee of 460 SEK/season or 46 SEK/day. If you're younger than 20 years you can ski for free.

I only use the natural snow tracks, do I have to pay?

- Yes. We do the same amount of work and preparation for the natural snow tracks as well. The fee is introduced so all of our skiing tracks can maintain a high quality.

I only use the exercise tracks, do I have to pay?

- Yes. We do the same amount of work and preparation on all our skiing tracks. The fee is introduced so that we can maintain a high quality for the exercise track as well.

In case of a skiing competition, do all participants have to pay the fee?

- No, if you're participating in an official skiing competition you don't have to pay the fee, regardless of age.

I'm a teacher, do I have to pay when I ski with my students?

- Yes, but every student under the age of 20 will ski for free.

How do I pay?

- The fee is paid via our e-service that you can find here (opens in october) or via the button above. You need to have a swedish bank-id to pay. Unfortunantely we can't accept cash. After you've paid you have to retreive a token (a "buff") of your payment at Turistcenter, Kulturens hus.

I don't have at swedish bank-ID, how do I pay?

- At our Turistcenter in Kulturens hus, you can pay with credit card and at the same time retrieve your token of payment.

What's with the token?

- The token of your payment is a "buff", a headband that can be used as scarf or at hat. It makes it easy for everyone to see that you have payed. If you haven't had time to retrieve your token, you can show your digital reciept if asked.

Do I need a token for a day pass?

- No, the token is only for seasonal passes.

How will you check that I have payed?

- During skiing season we'll be doing randomized controls of the fee. Please show your token (buff) or your digital receipt when asked.

I don't want to pay but intend to ski at Ormberget anyways.

- We can only encourage you to pay a fee to be able to ski on well prepared tracks all winter. This is crucial for us to be able to offer high quality tracks in the future as well.

We still have many ski trails in Luleå that are free of charge. Mattisberget in Gammelstad and the ski trails in Bergnäset and Råneå are all free and lit during the evenings.

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