Råd och Stöd (RoS) (engelska/english)

If you or a loved one have an addiction

If you have concerns about alcohol, drugs, controlled medication, or gambling, you can come to us for advice and support. We can also support the relatives of people with related issues. Through conversations, we identify your needs and the changes you wish to make. To visit us, you need to be 18 years or older and live in Luleå Municipality. We are trained in a number of different treatment methods, both for people with their own addiction and for their loved ones. You can come to us anonymously, we do not keep any client records, and we have a duty of confidentiality. We aim to always be able to offer you a meeting within two weeks. You can call or e-mail us.

Contact us:

Tina (counsellor): 0920-45 44 05 or 073-052 73 69

Hans (counsellor): 0920-45 56 06 or 073-074 48 65

Contact Luleå Municipality’s Customer Service Centre: 0920-45 30 00

E-mail: radostod@soc.lulea.se

This page was last updated 15 February 2023