Labour market

The most effective method of job-searching is by using the Internet. There are a number of specialized websites providing information of job openings. The web editions of national and local newspapers also provide information of job openings. To the right are a number of links to websites providing services for job applicants and newspapers.

Municipal services

The Labour Market Unit is responsible for recruitment for jobs and traineeships, planning and customized assistance for job applicants in the form of work/studies to prepare the person concerned for a permanent job. Priority is given to people who have particularly weak contacts with the labour market, and the unit works in close cooperation with the employment office, social services and SFI teachers. The Labour Market Unit is also responsible for holiday/summer temporary employment and traineeships for students. The unit conducts projects targeted at immigrants and people with functional impairments. 

The Labour Market Department works closely with companies, voluntary associations, foundations and public authorities, and often in partnership with the employment office and municipal social services.

Luleå Municipality as employer

Luleå Municipality has more than 200 different positions that take care of different capabilities and talents - Develop with us! 
Luleå Municipality is the largest employer in Luleå; we have more than 7000 co-workers. Along to year 2015 we need to recruit approximately 600 persons yearly. The largest recruitment needs are within the upper secondary school and preschool and the area of elderly-and disability care. But we also have many other occupation areas were we need to recruit staff the forthcoming years. 
Well-educated staff is a basic condition for the municipality´s activity´s to develop and thereby secure the welfare for our citizens. Luleå Municipality wants to be able to secure the welfare and development in the present and in the future. Therefore we want to be able to recruit talented staff within all of the municipality´s activities. 
Luleå Municipality needs people with different backgrounds. We actively work for equality, equality between the sexes and multitude at our workplaces. 
You who want to invest in a positive future in Luleå seek employment in Luleå Municipality. We will invest in you!

The substitute agency

Luleå municipality has a need of staff that can take temporary substitute jobs within preschool and nine year compulsory school and within the social services administration activities. You have to be able to take these substitutes jobs with short notice, when ordinary staff is sick or has other time- off from work. 
According to a law, to be able to work in preschool and other school activities. You have to ask for extracts from national police board criminal records and hand it in to us before you are passed for substitute. You also have to leave the original certificate to us. You can find the form on the national police boards External link. website.

Children and education administrations- substitute agency

This agency can help you if you are interested to work as an substitute in preschool, nine-year compulsory school and in after-school recreation centre.

Social service administrations- substitute agency

Are you interested in short-time substitutes in the social service administration? 
Then you can send in a notification of interest electronically through the web. When there is a need for short-time substitutes, we will look at the notifications of interest that has been sent to us. If you are of interest, we will take contact with you for an interview.

This page was last updated 23 January 2023