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A centre for growth, Luleå is situated in the province of Norrbotten that spans a quarter of Sweden's surface area. Luleå is truly a place of contrast. You will be surprised by the international atmosphere while at the same time the closeness to unspoiled countryside opens up for unlimited possibilities. Luleå can offer you action-packed adventure but here you can also enjoy tranquillity, peace and quiet. In winter the town is clothed in white but in summer it's embraced by sun and heat.

Luleå is an exciting city with beautiful nature, an interesting culture-life, great shopping and lots of sports events. Luleå is a city of contrast - having warm and sunny summers and cold winters with lots of snow. In Luleå you will find the metropolitan abundance and pulse as well as the small town´s quality of life.

Welcome to Luleå — the town by the sea.

Luleå Tourist Center

Telephone: +46 920-45 70 00

Luleå tourist center Kulturens hus

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