The war in Ukraine in other languages

Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine. On this page, we have gathered information and links from Swedish authorities about what we know right now and how you can handle your concerns.

The Swedish Migration Agency

The brochure "If crisis or war comes"

The brochure "If crisis or war comes" External link. was sent out to the Swedish population in 2018. It describes how we can become better prepared for the consequences of serious accidents, extreme weather, IT attacks or military conflicts. The brochure contains, for example, some general home preparedness tips.

In addition to English, the brochure "If crises or war comes" has been translated into several other languages:

عند حدوث أزمة Pdf, 33.9 MB.
أو نشوب حرب
Pdf, 33.9 MB.
ما مدى جهوزيتك Pdf, 2.4 MB.

اگر بحران روی دهد
Pdf, 34 MB.
چقدر آماد هاید اگر Pdf, 2.4 MB.

Jos kriisi puhkeaa tai sota syttyy Pdf, 33.9 MB.

В брошюре Если наступит кризис или война Pdf, 6.2 MB.

Buugga yar ee Haddii xaalado adag ama dagaal uu yimaado Pdf, 37.3 MB.
Sidee u diyaarsantahay haddii hiitarka uu qaboobo feriijkana uu kululaado? Pdf, 2.4 MB.
Haddii ay Pdf, 2.4 MB.

ብዛዕባ ወጥሪ ወይ ኵናት/ ውግእ ምምጻእ Pdf, 6.1 MB.
ክንደየናይ ድልዋት ኢኹም Pdf, 2.4 MB.

Do you need the brochure in another language? Links can be found at the bottom of this page. External link.