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Mats Hermansson, CEO Sweco Strategy and Katrien Vanhaverbeke, head of Arena for Growth (both to the left) handed out the prize to Anna Degerman, municipal growth manager in Luleå, Yvonne Stålnacke, mayor, Niklas Nordström, deputy mayor, Anders Josefsson, leader of the Moderate party group in Luleå. Photo: Tommy Andersson.


Luleå is the Growth Municipality of the year 2015

Luleå’s positive development in recent years has resulted in the Årets Tillväxtkommun prize for 2015 (Growth Municipality of the year).

Årets tillväxtkommun

Since 1998, Arena för Tillväxt (Arena for Growth), along with consulting company Sweco, has handed out this coveted annual award to municipalities in Sweden. The prize spotlights municipalities that actively create conditions for growth and have demonstrated development above and beyond the ordinary.

This year’s prize goes to Luleå for the following reasons:

“Luleå is the new player in the northern part of Sweden that successfully combines continuity and renewal. The transformation from an iron and steel city to a knowledge and IT city, with a growing technical university, creates a solid foundation for continued growth. In cooperation with the region, Luleå aims for a strong global appeal, which has already led to several international establishments. Visionary political leadership, a purposeful housing policy and urban planning makes Luleå a municipality that builds for the future.”

“We are very excited and proud today. Earlier on we became this year’s Super municipality in northern Sweden and now the year’s growth municipality. These awards are confirmation that we are working in the right way and we have found good methods of cooperation,” says mayor Yvonne Stålnacke (Social democratic party).

“Lulea has great potential and the municipality works daily for continued growth and to create more opportunities for all who live and work here,” says deputy mayor Niklas Nordström (Social democratic party).

The prize was awarded at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions congress in Karlstad by the Minister of finance Magdalena Andersson and the head of Arena for Growth Katrien Vanhaverbeke. On hand to receive the award were the mayor Yvonne Stålnacke and the deputy mayor Niklas Nordström along with the municipal growth manager Anna Degerman and the leader of the Moderate party group in Luleå Anders Josefsson.

Prisutdelning Årets tillväxtkommun

From the left: Katrien Vanhaverbeke, head of Arena for Growth, Magdalena Andersson, Minister of finance, Yvonne Stålnacke, mayor, Niklas Nordström, deputy mayor, Anna Degerman, municipal growth manager, Anders Josefsson, leader of the Moderate party group in Luleå . Photo: Tommy Andersson.

About the prize

The evaluation criteria for the award Årets Tillväxtkommun 2015 (Growth Municipality of the year 2015) consists of quantitative and qualitative portions.

Development of population, employment and the tax capacity are some of the key components in the quantitative assessment. Each year communities are ranked according to these key indicators and a top list is compiled based on the development over one and three years respectively. The jury panel then conducts a qualitative assessment. Political leadership, teamwork, community development and innovation are the basis for the qualitative assessment of the candidate municipalities.

The jury consists of two representatives from Arena’s office, a representative from Sweco Strategy and two representatives from each of Arena’s owners (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions congress, Swedbank and ICA).

Last year’s winner was Sundbyberg, and the years before the award went to the municipalities of Stockholm (2013), Falkenberg (2012) and Nacka (2011). Find out more at www.arenafortillvaxt.comlänk till annan webbplats.