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Studying at SFI

Sfi is part time studies and you will attend school either in the mornings or the afternoons. You have the time to combine Sfi with work or other studies along with your Sfi studies. You have the right to continue your studies as long as you are active and make progress.

Study economy

You who work and wish to study at Sfi have the right to be off from work. Your employer should be informed at least a month ahead.

The education in Swedish for Immigrants is free of charge. The school counselor can give you more information on this topic.


When you have finished the A, B, C or D course you will get a grade. Your teacher sets the grade when you have reached the specific goals and is finished with the course. The grading system is E (Passed), D, C, B and A (excellent).  If you do not pass all the goals for the course you can get a certificate which tells what goals you have achieved.

As a support for the teacher’s grading, there are national tests done on the B, C and D-levels. National Exams are made continuously.