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What is a World Heritage Site?

World Heritage logo of UNESCO
At UNESCO´s general conference in 1972, the World Heritage Convention was adopted to protect the world´s cultural and natural heritage. The convention is an important instrument — not least for developing countries — in their work to protect valuable monuments and settings.
Unesco wants through this convention to draw attention to the most representative objects, and develop effective international cooperation to guarantee as far as possible that the world´s cultural and natural heritage will be protected and passed on — in good shape — to future generations.
One of the aims of the convention is to list cultural monuments and natural features whose protection is valuable to people all over the world. Objects put on the World Heritage List must be of particular universal value. Objects which Unesco adds to the World Heritage List are termed World Heritage Sites. There are 14 World Heritage Sites in Sweden, and as of 2007 there were 851 World Heritage Sites in the world.
The convention demands that affiliated countries should have the legislation, organisation and education to guarantee that the cultural and natural values in a country can be protected and preserved. For an object to be added to the World Heritage List, the country in question must guarantee that the object will be protected. Affiliation to the convention also means a responsibility to respect World Heritage Sites located in other countries´ territory and to contribute economically to the maintenance of objects in countries that lack of funds to do this. Sweden signed the convention in 1985.

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