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Last updated: 2008-04-28

Local plan

What is a local plan?

A local plan stipulates land use within an area, e.g. what land is intended for roads, different types of building, public use such as parks and so on. The local plan also stipulates how and in what way you may change existing buildings or construct new buildings within an area. The local plan for the Church Town also sets out in which way buildings of social historical significance are to be maintained.

Planning ordinances

There are special planning ordinances applying to the church cottages.


Town Planning Department answers questions

If you have any questions regarding the local plan, you should speak to the Town Planning Department (Stadsbyggnadskontoret).
Visitor Centre, Kyrktorget 1, SE-954 33 Gammelstad
Tel +46 (0)920-45 70 10 |
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